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"NEW" Battle Bites Minis Coming Soon

November 15 2019 – Kevin Smith

Coming January 2020, our much loved Battle Bites Chocolate Caramel flavour is going miniature. The new product will hold 20 individual wrapped 31g bites and be sold on our website and exclusively on Amazon. 

If you find yourself never wanting to eat a full bar or wanting a smaller snack to grab and go with, these make for the perfect solution. 

Each bite packs 10g protein and 1.5g of sugar. Oh and how lovely does the new packaging look 😍

P.S If you didn't know already we are running a Black Friday sale and it's going to be our biggest of the year. You can sign up here to get on our early bird list to be the first to know when we go live. Trust us, this is our best savings of the year, so you’ll want to see this!

In the meantime, you can shop our site now or pick up some bars from our partners over @ Amazon. 

battle bites minis